New Plymouth

29 September 2005

Thanks to all those who attended the concert in New Plymouth. I love chatting to you all afterwards. Special thanks to Bob and Liz for your promotion and support on the night. I was sorry that you were unwell, Tom. All the best for your operation.

All of us loved catching up with the Marists at Waitara, meeting Evelyn and Ike and enjoying the stories, laughter and hospitality. You made a huge impression on the Afeaki's, Gordy. It meant a lot to me for you to make the effort to come to the concert. I know you will have a wonderful 90th birthday. The people love you. I hope I have your energy if I make your age. Thanks, Frank, for organizing our accomodation and for your welcome and warm personality. 

We are enjoying a beautiful spring day in Fielding at the moment and will be singing in Palmerston North tonight.