Auckland and Hamilton Concerts

24 September 2005

I can't believe three concerts are already over. Thanks to all those who attended the Auckland and Hamilton Concerts. It is wonderful for me to share my songs with you. What amazing acoustics at St Patricks. Thanks for all your positive feedback. It means a lot and is very encouraging.

Hamilton was particularly memorable being my home town. Thanks to all the people from Te Aroha that were really getting into it up the front and I was humbled to know that a van load came all the way from Taumaranui. I hope you were able to get up in the morning OK.

To Bishop Moxam( Anglican Bishop of Waikato), thanks for your presence and affirmation and encouraging 40 of your Church community to come along. It meant a lot.

To Cynthia Piper of the Hamilton Diocese and all those you contacted to let people know of the concert thanks so much and to Fr Frank Eggelton for your welcome and hospitality and to Jonny for his help around the cathedral. There must be something about that name John. Our two helpers at St Pat's are called John too. Thanks again!!!

I am having a few days catch up at Mum's in Cambridge and the Afeaki's and I head for New Plymouth. Looking forward to getting back on the road.