National Cathedral Tour

3 September 2005

The planning for the tour is well underway now. We are tracking ticket sales in the various venues to help us with projections. Thanks to all those who have booked via ticketek because this is giving us an indication of what is happening in each place. It is very encouraging to know that you appreciate my music and want to come along to a live concert. There is nothing like word of mouth in promoting a tour such as mine. I would appreciate you letting your friends know for them too, to experience the music first hand. For your information, each of the Churches/Cathedrals will recieve a third of the profits made on the night. I am happy to be supporting the local community. Your ticket will support the community too.

I will be on the Good Morning Show Tues 14th Sept and interviewed on Radio Pacific after the 1pm news on the same day. I am being interviewed on various radio stations this coming week, Raylene Ramsey, Dudley(Southern Star) all on this coming Thursday in the morning.

I was thrilled with the coverage on TV One's Headliners. I loved the way they brought Challenge 2000 in by interviewing one of the young guys I work with.

I am in Turangi at the moment heading off for a night of music with the Dove Fellowship in a Christian Camp towards Taupo. Then, up to Auckland to rehearse with the Afeaki Family for the tour. Not long to go now