Faith and Light, Christchurch

25 August 2005

Last Sunday, I was in Christchurch at St Bedes College in their new auditorium. I gave a concert as a fundraiser for Faith and Light. Thanks to Mary and Jos and all those who organised the event. We had a special time together. No surprises in that. Thanks to John who played air guitar the whole time I was on stage and to all the faith and light crowd that  joined me in singing and dancing at the end. You are a wonderful group. Thanks for making us all feel happy and uplifted. I have the candle you gave me in our chapel. You are  all in my prayers. I am going to try and post some of the photos of our time together on the site. Thanks to Anne Marie for those. See you all next time. I look forward to it.

While in Christchurch I was able to do some promotion for the National Cathedral Tour coming up in September. For those who saw the article in 'The Press'- What did you think about the reference to a 'Rock and Roll veteran'? Is it fair to be called a veteran at 46?

Was in Upper Hutt this afternoon singing for some of the Mercy Home residents and their friends. What a lovely group of people you got together Anna. Thanks for the invitation and thanks to everyone for the way you greeted me and the way you received my songs. I appreciated the chats I had with many of you and to hear of your concerns. I hope the songs continue to give you support and encouragement.