Diversional Therapy and Dove Fellowship

19 May 2005

Last weekend I sang for two unique groups- Diversional Therapists at their annual conference in Wellington and the women of the Dove Fellowship at their gathering in Auckland.

Diversional Therapists work with the elderly to ensure they receive a wholistic approach to their care. Spiritality is one of those components and Heather Locke invited me to share a number of my songs to begin the morning session on Saturday. Thanks Heather for the invitation and I hope the rest of the conference was a success.

Later that night, I winged my way to Auckland and sang and shared stories with Dove. The Dove Fellowship has been going for 20 years and provides a wonderful support and encouragement to women in prayer and faith. A highlight for me was to see the 300 women standing before me holding hands across the aisles and singing 'We are friends'. Thanks to Carleen Walsh and the other members of the committee who invited me. See you in Christchurch.