A new album on the way

21 February 2005

I have just returned from Auckland working at South Auckland Studios with Peter van Gent on some new songs. I have recorded my version of 'He aint heavy, he's my brother' and six other originals. Many of you still ask for Fields of Athenry and Danny Boy and unfortunately I sold out of the album that featured those songs some time ago. I intend to release a new album as soon as possible featuring my new material and some of the old material. We'll let you know when the new CD is ready. I joined the team of 'Challenge 2000' recently and ran the senior retreats for Edmund Campion College, Gisborne. Special greetings to Tracy and all the young people up there. Thanks for welcoming us and accepting us into your place. Say Hi to Darius for me!!!! A highlight of our time in Gisborne was the Year 13 retreat at Whangara Marae of Whalerider fame. We got to sit on the Whales and the Waka especially made for the movie and which has been gifted to the local people. I want to thank all those who post messages in the guestbook. I really appreciate your support and contact. Unfortunately, I can't respond to your messages without your email address. However, keep them coming.