The bush became a meadow

After years of slash and burn

The totara stumps were stubborn

But surrendered in the end

He ploughed the field and settled

Thanking God and bullock brace

And he named it all Glengarry

His home in another place.


Born anew, Glengarry

Live on, live long, Glengarry

Be strong, be true, be you.


There was more bush to be tackled

As others came to stay

The seasons quickly travelled

Toil and hope along the way

Cattle, crops and children

Filled the land now fully cleared

And the beauty of Glengarry

Was admired from far and near.      


Born anew…


He took the time to ponder

At how it all began

Thinking only of survival

He’d let slashing strip the land

He had taken nature’s cover

It was now the time to give

In partnership with all around

Glengarry truly lives.         


Born anew…


Glengarry’s now a parable

For you and I to know

We cannot take what’s given us

And treat it as our own

For everything’s connected

From sky to sea and land

We’re here to keep the balance

All life is in our hands.                       


Born anew…


James B Lyons:lyrics 

C Skinner: Music