With the morning

When I woke up with the morning

And saw you next to me

I thanked my God in heaven

For the love that came to be

When you wrote that you’d come over

Away across the sea

That we’d live our lives together

In this land still young and free.


And we travelled through a lifetime

Making plans and dreaming dreams

There was nothing that could harm us

Or that’s the way it seemed

Our children came and left us

There was laughter in between

The folks around they blessed us

And our love stayed fresh and green.


But all that changed forever

When you brought us home the news

And the doctors told us later

There was nothing they could do

So I watched as life departed

And the hours became too few

Then the angels stood between us

And I said goodbye to you.


When I woke up with the morning

You were nowhere to be found

‘cept a tear upon your pillow

Told me you had been around

Oh our love it never faltered

It held us long and true

So I wait beyond the morning

For my time to come to you.


James Lyons: Lyrics

Chris Skinner: Music