We are connected

We are connected

Like branches to the tree

We all walk the planet

Let’s walk with dignity

No matter our colour

No matter our creed

All of us are gifted and all of us we need


We are connected

One great family

Let’s light the fire together

And let it shine for all to see


(Shine) Everybody standing in the light

(Shine) Everybody warm by the fire

(Shine) No one left in the dark or in the cold

(Shine) Come together to embrace and to hold

(Shine) Forgive and heal the hurts that divide

(Shine) Standing with along beside

We are (Shine) connected, connected


Breath and life connected

Earth, sea and sky connected

Hands and hearts connected

Believe it, believe it


I wanted to include these lyrics from my album ‘Awesome God’ in the light of Pope Francis and his latest encyclical ‘Laudate si’