Like a beautiful day(2010)


Above you will see the cover artwork and track listing of my album, 'Like a beautiful day'. I  completed the project on my return from Europe in August 2010. Many of the songs were inspired by the input, places and people I met while away. A comment made by someone who is not familiar with my material was that the album is soothing and inspirational.

The title refers to a comment made by an Italian priest while on renewal just out of Rome- 'God comes to us like a beautiful day'. I was moved by this simple and profound sentiment.

For all those who enjoy and find my music encouraging and uplifting, your support is much appreciated. I hope this album is a welcomed addition to your CD collection. I hope too for those unfamiliar with my music, that this album proves to be a welcomed introduction to my style and songwriting.

The album contains 14 original tracks and  is priced at $25  plus $5 p&p. For further details on how to purchase your CD or CDs, click on Ordering information.