Arrivederci Roma

17 July 2010

On Monday week, I begin my journey home to Aotearoa after a 5 month intensive renewal programme here in Manziana, Rome. The programme was called 'Rekindling the fire'.  It has been a wonderful and life giving experience. Twenty of us, men and women from the Marist world were invited to attend the renewal course conducted by a number of international presenters on a variety of topics concerning life issues, theology, scripture, church and religious life especially for people like me in mid-life. 18 days were spent in France around the Lyon area where the founders and pioneers of the Marist Family lived and were inspired to begin the Marist project. I have been privileged to be part of this experience.

I will be visiting friends in Ireland and Marists in Mexico in transit and arrive in Auckland on August 15.

As you can imagine, a course such as this has enabled me to write many new songs. I have already sent through to my producer a collection of 14 songs and I intend to begin recording in September. I am really excited about getting into the studio and seeing the songs come to life. As in the past, I am hoping my material will touch a chord in your lives, encourage and inspire you. They are in part the fruit of my renewal.

I understand New Zealand has been rather chilly. If it is any consolation, temperatures here have been up around 34 degrees. I am looking forward to some cooler weather in Ireland. Ciao tutti.