21 March 2010

The renewal course in Manziana has begun well. Our first input was from a medical doctor from Australia expounding on the importance of regular exercise and a well balanced diet- nothing new but a good time to be reminded. We have all tried to put some good practices into our lives given this quality time. It is early days but here's hoping.

Last week we had a priest speak to us on prayer in a very sensitive and inspiring way- an insight is to remember prayer is the Spirit's work within us. God is the one who attracts us and it happens. Welcome the resistance and distractions- God is always patient with us.

This week we begin a week on cultural interaction and understanding.

Tomorrow we have a day off visiting a beautiful medieval town with it's own castle- Bracciano. Apparently Tom Cruise was married to his present wife there. I thought you might like to know.

Rome is amazing and enjoying lovely spring weather. A group of us climbed the Cupola of St Peters and looked out over the city- enjoying the odd cafe laté too down some of the cobbled streets but not too many.