You make me feel this way

Song features on my album- You raise me up

You make me feel so special

You make me feel like I'm the only one

The way you look and the way you listen to me

Makes me feel this way

I see your heart your goodness

To me your smile is a blessing

The things you say and the way you say them to me

Makes me feel this way 

And do you feel the way I do

And do you know you're special too

Believe it now and your whole life through

Cause I believe because of you

Because of you

Cause you make me feel this way

You touch my soul so gently

and I can sense the love you have for me

The gift you are and the life you're sharing with me

Makes me feel  this way

You give me hope for living

You give me faith to share abundantly

And as I go I know the trust you place in me

makes me feel this way