Two new songs to be recorded

28 July 2009

I am heading to Auckland to record two new songs on August 4th. One is entitled, 'How can we sing the Lord's song in a foreign land?' This is a quote from Psalm 137 and is the theme for the Society of Mary General Chapter in Rome beginning next month. I am hoping the song will give encouragement and support to those meeting to discuss Marist policy for the next 8 years. It would be my hope that the song will also be adopted by Marist's throughout the world and could be translated into various languages. The second song is entitled, 'Give thanks to the Lord' , and is my response to Pope Benedict's announcement about the 'Year for Priests'. I am hoping the song can be used throughout 2009/2010 and beyond to celebrate the gift of priesthood, priests we have known and appreciated and for those thinking about priesthood.

The song honours St John Vianney who is also known as the Curé of Ars who is to be named patron of all priests by Pope Benedict because of his dedication to service and prayer. Coincidentally,  August the 4th is St John Vianney's feast day.