December 21, 2003

21 December 2003

I'd like to wish you all a very Happy Christmas. I am in Cambridge with my Mum at the moment and have already travelled a few k's to visit other family members. One of my sisters is in hospital at the moment which is sad for her family and for all of us. We are hoping and praying she will be restored to full health soon.

Since my last news, I have released another new album. Chris Skinner,'A Collection of his songs 1990-96'. So many people still request my early songs when I give concerts and many of my earlier recordings are no longer in stock. I have put together some of my favourites and frequently requested songs to cater for those of you who wish to have this music in your collections. It is amazing to think that some of these songs have been around for over 13 years. Shortly, my website will include information about this new album.

Already, I have a number of workshops and retreats requested for next year and recently I was on pilgrimage with a number of young people around significant Catholic sights in the lower North Island. The pilgrimage was organised by Challenge 2000 and we all had a wonderful time. We had some great singing and inspiring sharing along the way. You can imagine the strength of bonds developed over such a time. I hope we catch up again soon.