February 14, 2003

14 February 2003

0t was really funny today walk1ng around the ru1ns of Ephesus in Turkey. A number of Korean tourists wanted to have their photo taken with me because they thought 0 was exactly like the soccer coach of their national side- a man from the Netherlands. 0 sang Torna Surriento on the huge amph1 theatre at Ephesus, the acoustics were superb. Our tour group then visited the house of the Virgin Mary in the hills of Ephesus, a very prayerful retreat.

Several days ago I visited Gallipoli and sang the National anthem at Anzac Cove. I was choked up a little thinking of home and what so many young men suffered and sacrificed in this place. The day could not have been worse with snow and howling w1nd. Kiwis are liked in this country. Many of the Turks refer to the Anzacs- hotels and carpet shops have s1gns referr1ng to us.

0 arrived in Turkey last Saturday after a wonderful t1me 1n 0reland catch1ng up with all my old friends. The guitar certainly got a lot of use. Thanks to Cather1ne and Gerry and all the crew.

Prior to Ireland 0 had a few days in London and enjoyed several plays on the West End- saw Dame Judy Dench and Magg1e Sm1th perform- awesome.

The Mar1sts were great hosts. I was r1ght on Le1cester Square.

Tomorrow I head back to Istanbul to take in a few more sights. Off to Perth on the 18th- Th1ngs are not looking too good on this side of the world polit1cally. This will be very diff1cult for the Turkish people economically.