January 20, 2003

20 January 2003

My time in the States is coming to an end. Tomorrow I leave for London. New York is something else. In some ways it has been good to leave it till last. Stepping out onto 42nd St and Time Square was an experience of neon overload. Wonderful! I have to admit I haven't been in a place like this before. There is no place like New York.
I now know what people were talking about.

I have been staying with the Marists in Brooklyn about 40mins into the heart of Downtown by Subway. I would make an excellent tour guide now if anyone wants to hire me. I am part of the scene.

I've seen a few shows on Broadway of course. I would have loved to have had Mum with me. She always dreamed of being discovered on Broadway. However, I can tell you she would want to be discovered in the summer. This place is cold at the moment. I froze to death on one of the bus tours. I was on the top level of the bus exposed to the elements- worth it though.

The last time I posted a diary entry I was in Daytona Beach, Florida and had to finish my session on the computer in a hurry. I was in the library and there was someone else waiting. I needed to include that my time at Merrit Island with Fr. Michael Farell was great. He gave me the use of the parish car and I was able to travel as far as Key West, the southern most part of the US. I explored the everglades and had a day on the beach at Fort Lauderdale. Michael, I wanted to thank you so much for your gracious and generous hospitality. It was lovely to be able to share some of my songs with the parish. Thank you all for your kindness.

Yesterday, I caught up with Jane who had been on Sabbatical with me in Chicago. It was good to catch up and to remember the experience and all the crew. It seems such a long time ago now. We saw a very powerful production on Broadway entitled Def Poetry Jam, a troop of 9 young poets, from various cultural backgrounds who presented a very powerful performance about their experience of city life. It was timely given the eve of Martin Luther King Day, a public holiday over here.

I can't believe that I have been in the States for over four months. I am sad to be leaving all the people. God willing we will meet again. I hope you can come an enjoy some good Kiwi hospitality someday. God bless you all. Arohanui- which means big hearted love to you all.