December 26, 2002

26 December 2002

Happy Christmas to you all from the winter wonderland of Chicago! Things for a few days did not look hopeful regarding snow for Christmas. However, as if it's was God's private blessing, on Christmas Eve, the snow began to fall. I went walking with the pastor a few blocks in the snow just before the carol service. It was beautiful but unfortunately, I drew the line at making snow angels on the road. I didn't want to get wet. I guess there goes my opportunity.
If I had enough nerve I could go outside now. The snow is glistening in the sun. I am so glad I stayed on to celebrate Christmas. I have an idea now about Christmas in the Northern Hemisphere.

Today is my last full day in Chicago. I head for New Orleans tomorrow afternoon. I am hoping it may be t-shirt weather. I have really enjoyed my time in the parish and meeting all the local people. Thank you Michael and to all at St Thomas for the last three months. You have made me feel extremely welcome. Please do look me up if you head downunder to New Zealand. Every blessing for the New Year.