November 11, 2002

11 November 2002

It's been a while since my last entry. I have just spent a wonderful week with friends in Toronto. Thanks Chris for all the laughs, the memories and hospitality. The city is only an hour from Chicago by plane. I am getting to know all the subway systems around North America. At least two anyway. Toronto is a beautiful and clean city on the shores of Lake Ontario, the smallest of the Great Lakes but an ocean none the less.

On Saturday we drove out to Niagra on the Lake and Niagra Falls. What an awesome place- the sound, the water, the force. We donned yellow plastic coats, not unlike rubbish bags and went underneath the falls. An elevator takes you down into a tunnel system beneath the falls. The place was packed for even this time of year. I didn't think much of all the touristy stuff.

The other wonder is all the autumn colours. What I saw in Canada like Chicago is stunning at the moment. However, not for long. There is a huge carpet of fallen leaves on the ground.

I headed back to class this morning and received a very warm welcome back. They all missed me.