October 12, 2002

12 October 2002

I just had to let you know about the football match at Notre Dame, Indiana. I have just this minute returned. They are number one over here and have a huge fan club. The university matches are huge. The stadium, on the campus was packed, about 10 thousand people. I was really impressed by the support of the other students( St Pat's on a larger scale). They never let up during the game and the College band, around 150 players, kept us all entertained. The game itself was less engaging because I am not that familiar with the rules but no-one would have guessed. I was chanting and hooting with the best of them. Prior to the game I was involved in a little tail-gating party in the carpark. It is a real part of American culture. Food and drink a plenty. A whole day affair. I have arrived. I even sang the National Anthem and America the beautiful at the beginning of the match. Four hours later I was ready to come home.