September 25, 2002

25 September 2002

Chicago, Chicago! It's my kind of town. Actually, I haven't made it into the city yet but have seen it from a distant. I went for a walk along the lakeshore yesterday and spotted a skyscraper or two. I have to familiarise myself with the train and bus system before I venture out. The city is about 15 minutes away if I catch the express bus apparently.

I have met the crew here at the parish, the pastor is a Carmelite priest and has been extremely welcoming. We are a league of nations, a Nigerian priest, a Sri Lakan and a Kiwi to help him out. An American priest who is retired lives in the rectory too. Many people work in around the parish. I find my self immitating the Southern accent prevalent among the black people here.

I made the 15 minute walk to the Catholic Theological Union yesterday and came to terms with the sabbatical programme I will be undertaking. Today we have an orientation and I start the workshops tomorrow. Nobody said I had to do some work on this trip!!!