A Place at the Table (2008)



 Place at the Table: Track Listing



  1. Family Together here   Play Sample
  2. Listening   Play Sample
  3. A Place at the Table  Play Sample
  4. Song of the Children Play Sample
  5. Old Friends  Play Sample
  6. You can soar Play Sample
  7. Morning Song/Evening Song  Play Sample
  8. Beyond the call of duty  Play Sample
  9. The Shag  Play Sample
  10. Hands across the World  Play Sample
  11. I remember Play Sample





Due to the ongoing support of those who appreciate my music, I am delighted to release this new album, ‘ A Place at the Table’ following on the success of ‘Truly Blessed’ which I produced last year. For those familiar with my songs, you will know that the title takes its name from a song I wrote in 1996 which featured on the album, ‘Movement of Time’. When it came to decide on what to call this new album, ‘Place at the Table’, seemed appropriate. The song is included again on this album but it is a completely new version from the original and the title captures for me a sense of welcome, inclusiveness, and belonging, common themes throughout many of the songs in this collection.
Three other songs featured on this CD, The Shag, Song of the Children and Morning Song/Evening Song have been recorded previously but here have undergone a makeover in keeping with the style and feel of this new recording. It was great to revisit them and present them in a fresh way.
My thanks go as always to my producer, Peter van Gent, who works tirelessly to ensure the finished product is of the highest quality. Peter and I have collaborated on many projects now and I feel very confident and relaxed working with him, trust his judgement and appreciate his creative ideas. The Grand piano is the dominant instrument on this album and I wish to acknowledge the skill and musicianship of Stephen Small who laid the foundation for us to build on-“Great working with you, Stephen”-my heartfelt thanks again to Chet O’Connell on guitar who has provided solid rhythm and melodic lines which compliment the piano beautifully. To all the other musicians who have made a contribution to this project know your creativity and skill is much appreciated. The fact we can build on one another’s creativity makes the world go round.
For the people and situations who have drawn from me these twelve songs, some of which go back almost 20 years, thanks so much. So many of you have affirmed and encouraged me in what I do. It means a lot and I am exceedingly grateful to God who has been abundantly generous to me.
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