September 5, 2002

5 September 2002

Aloha again everyone! I am certainly getting to know the bus system on Oahu. I travelled yesterday to the North Shore. It took about 2 hours. Well worth it though. Waimea Bay is something else, deep clear and warm water. The people you meet on the bus are generally friendly and what I would call the genuine Hawaiian people. I always see a slight smile on their face when I open my mouth to ask for directions and which stop to get off at.

Fr Peter Carde a Kiwi Marist working in Fiji is also staying here at the moment and we both visited the memorial of the Arizona at Pearl Harbour yesterday morning. It is a National Park site and I found the experience very moving. I was able to cast flowers into the water to remember the dead on behalf of the Marist family. I am sure others have beaten me to it. To see all the names of the fallen sailors, sets of brothers and even father and sons was very sad. As we left the memorial site, one of the original Pearl Harbour war veterans was there to shake our hands.
This morning I am meeting a music teacher from the local school here at Star of Sea. He is a well known Hawaiian entertainer. I am going to introduce Awesome God to him. Aloha, Chris