Concert at Rosmini Auditorium for Glenfield Parish

23 April 2007

What a geat night we had at the College Auditorium. Thanks to all the organisers especially Helen, Basil, his twin sons Ramesh and Dany and the Iraqi Community. I appreciated the warmth of your welcome and obvious appreciation of my music. You made this songwriter feel very proud. Thanks to Frs John, Raju and Ernie for your hospitality at Mass and afterwards on Sunday. Blessings on your parish community and your continuing fundraising efforts. It was great catching up with Michael Pervan again after so many years and seeing some of his beautiful icons. I look forward to seeing his artworks at St Patrick's Cathedral when it opens again. I send greetings and thanks from Bill, Joyce, Angela and Francesca Afeaki. They enjoyed the evening very much.