Sons of Gallipoli

From my new album Serenity.

We sang —God of Nations at thy feet—
As we stood on that sacred shore
With a heartfelt pride
Somewhere deep inside
For the sons of Gallipoli

We sang —E Ihowa Atua—
From the place they call Anzac Cove
We gazed out to sea
Where our home would be
For the sons of Gallipoli

How still you lie
And how still you die on other hillsides.

We sang —hear our voices we entreat—
As the wind blew from off the sea
With a tearful sigh and the question why
For the sons of Gallipoli

We sang —God defend our free land—
And for all whose lives are torn
With one voice implore
No more talk of war
For the sons of Gallipoli

Visiting the Gallipoli Peninsula and to stand at Anzac Cove and sing the National Anthem was an emotional experience. Tragically, wars continue to remain a scourge in our world.