A Collection of his Songs 1990-1996


This album features his popular song 'I want to sing with you, Mum' featured on radio. Chris sings this song with his mother, Grace. To purchase your copy click on ordering information.

Track listing:

1. Dance of the Dolphin (Under Southern Stars)
2. Under the Island Sun (There is no Distance)
3. Be Mindful (There is no Distance)
4. God Made Us for Love
(Chants for Silence)
5. Once I Never Knew You
(There is no Distance)
6. He Waiata Mo Waitangi
(Under Southern Stars)
7. Hear What Our God Asks of Us play song
(Chants for Silence)
8. Anderson's Bay
(There is no Distance)
9. God of Our Island Home (Chants for Silence)
10. Fragile Shell (Movement of Time)
11. There is No Distance (There is no Distance)
12. People of Justice (Under Southern Stars)
13. Song of the Children (Movement of Time)
14. We are Friends (Chants for Silence)play song
15. Mystical Light (Movement of Time)play song
16. Why Do I (Under Southern Stars)
17. I want to Sing with You Mum (Movement of Time)play song
18. Song for Dad (There is no Distance)

Chris Skinner is a Marist priest residing in Auckland. As a singer/songwriter, he has recorded 14 albums. This selection of songs is drawn from 'Under Southern Stars' (1990), 'There is no Distance' (1992), 'Chants for Silence' (1994) and 'Movement of Time' (1996).

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