Ist National Cathedral Tour is complete

15 October 2005

Last Tuesday, we concluded the Cathedral Tour in Wellington. What a wonderful night and what a beautiful venue. Thanks to all those who attended. I was thrilled to see the L'Arche community out in force and the team from Challenge 2000. Thanks to all the Marists who came along as well. It meant a lot. What a fitting finale to the tour.

I must mention Dunedin, Timaru and Invercargill as well. The Afeakis and myself enjoyed ourselves wherever we went and are grateful to all those who worked on the ground to promote the concerts. Bernadette Simpson and Malcolm deserve special mention.

On our return from the deep south we travelled via Queenstown and the Lindis pass. This was all new territory for Angela Afeaki and the day was one out of the box. Even though we were tired, none of us could sleep in the car for fear of missing out on the next spectacular view.

The Afeakis and the Peter van Gent crew returned home to Auckland on Wednesday and I have been on the road again up to Hawera to speak and share my music with the parish. The meal was delightful and the people welcomed and received me most graciously. I was able to inform them that my Mum grew up just out of Hawera in a little place called Arorata and that Dad and Mum lived in Normanby in the early 50's. Dad was the local policeman. They were all suitably impressed by my connection to the area. Thanks to Fr Anthony Ford for the hospitality, to Gerard for his introduction and to Anne for the invitation.