Blenheim and Sockburn

4 October 2005

I can't believe we are two concerts down in the South Island already. Thanks to all the Blenheim and Christchurch people who attended. I am constantly humbled by the way you speak to me after the concerts about how the music has supported and encouraged you. I love meeting you all afterwards. Bill, Joyce and Angela Afeaki are loving being part of the tour and have appreciated meeting you all and talking with you. Thanks for being such warm audiences.

What a surprise to meet a Māori woman in Christchurch who knew my Mum and Dad in Normanby. When I told her the connection, I was almost long lost whanau. My Dad has been dead for 21 years and was a policeman in that community. Meeting people you don't expect makes things very special.

Special thanks to all those who have helped to promote the shows down here. The Churches are certainly beautiful places to share my music. We head for Timaru this morning and I am looking forward to being back in my old haunts. I was young when I lived in Timaru almost 20 years ago.